"Bubba's Catfish House is a good balance between cool chic and comfort casual."

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Bubba's Catfish House Restaurant

Our Story

Our story starts way back and has roots grounded in Clermont for over 60 years. Five generations of family have lived and called Clermont home. The Great Grandfather of the Family built the Lutheran Church on East Ave. and Highway 50, Grandkids built other notable companies in this great town too. You can say Clermont has been good to us all. We remember back when you could see Citrus from the Citrus tower and a railroad passed in front of Lake Minneola. Mom and Dad had their 1st date at Rusty Fox, now they have grandchildren in highschool right here in Clermont.

Either way, Clermont is where we call home and its always been a Family dream to open a Catfish, Country Style Restaurant in our home town. Something generations could enjoy.

You see, as a Family we always traveled that hour one direction or an hour the other direction, every so often to enjoy ALL YOU CAN EAT Catfish. This was the one time in our busy lives we all got together and made wonderful memories. While driving that hour, Mamma always said "man, we should open a Catfish House in Clermont". Everyone couldn't agree more. Well life pulls Family members is one direction, then another, people go here and then go there. But one thing always stayed the same, one day we will open that restaurant as a Family, and it will be something we are all proud of.

So the day came mid to late 2015, when decided to make a Family Dream a Reality. The perfect location in a way, feel in our laps and we were off to the races. Everyone pitched in, even the youngest grandkids helped putting in long, hard hours turning that dingy Denny's into Bubba's Catfish House. We are all so very excited to give Clermont this restaurant, and we couldn't be more blessed. We hope you will bring your Family and make some of the great memories like we did.

Our Catfish

Clermont are you READY! Our Catfish is locally source for optimum freshness. Chef Matt Condron along with the Family have perfected our homemade special breading and it is one of a kind. No reason to drive an hour away for ALL YOU CAN EAT CATFISH, its on the menu EVERYDAY!

Our Catfish

Bubba's Catfish House Menu

Bubba's Catfish House Menu

Our Menu consists of tried and true items, as well as daily specials to allow for creativity. Our kitchen staff is continuously trying to WOW you with their comfort food recipes. Be sure to stop by and see the different offerings on our weekday specials. We look forward to meeting you. We are proud to be part of the Clermont neighborhoods.

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Come see what everyone is talking about!


We ate here tonight. I don't have one single complaint. It's clean & cheerful. The staff are friendly & timely. The food is excellent and good sized portions. I was stuffed when we left. The fried green tomatoes are really good and the coleslaw is delicious. Reminds me of my momma's. It's southern cookin at it's best. Down home goodness. I was surprised at how quick and efficient the staff was since today was only their second day open.

I will definitely be back!